We’ve been blessed with lots of sunshine this summer and for me that means more family

picnics, more days out and more barbecues with friends! In the summer many of us switch to

lighter meals and wear cooler clothes but do you consider making any adjustment to your skincare to

ensure that your skin remains healthy and hydrated during the summer?



Our skin cells need water to function healthily. It is worth considering how best to hydrate your skin

in hot, dry weather. I use this gorgeous flower water several times a day. It is so versatile, and simple to

use. I spray it over my face in the morning, and when I get home from work to cleanse my skin. I keep it

in my handbag to refresh and cool my skin if needed, and I use it as part of my night time routine too,

to keep skin hydrated overnight.



Product Name: Orange Blossom Flower Water by Lola Kooi

Value: £25

Size: 100ml


Why I love it?


This product has a refreshing aroma which is beautifully uplifting, and it leaves skin feeling hydrated,

rejuvenated and healthy.

This product is 100% organic. I always look for products with minimal ingredients, that

maximise some of skincare’s finest natural ingredients.

I like to use this product to extend a face mask treatment. I can just spray this product over my

face to keep the mask active. And this flower water is so gentle, I even use it in my daughter’s hair!



Key Ingredient: Orange Blossom


Orange Blossom is sometimes known as Neroli and is highly prized for its benefits to the skin.

It is gently astringent, which means that it tightens skin, minimises pores and removes bacteria.

It has a powerful regenerative effect on the skin, smoothing the skin, improving the skin’s elasticity and

reducing the appearance of scars and fine lines.

It balances the production of sebum – an oil that our skin secretes. This makes Orange Blossom an ideal

solution for both dry and oily skin, where the production of sebum is unbalanced.



So if, like me, you’re ready for hydrated and healthier skin at those summer picnics try

Lola Kooi’s Orange Blossom Flower Water which is available online now!

 Next week I’ll be sharing my favourite summer hair treatment.

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