Beauty Product: Golden Shimmer Coffee Scrub by Vita Clean HQ

Value: £20

Size: 200g


Photo Credit: Vita Clean HQ


I use this stunning product at the end of my shower routine. When I rinse off this scrub

and pat my skin dry, I’m left with beautiful silky-smooth skin and a subtle sun-

kissed shimmer.


Why I love this product? 


This is an exceptional product that combines simple, natural ingredients to form something exquisite.

Organic coffee, mica powder, dead sea salt, coconut oil and sugar are all great food for my skin!


It’s an excellent exfoliator that really does work, removing dead skin cells and leaving me with glowing,

fresh and invigorated skin.


The coconut oil in this product leaves skin feeling soft and moisturised, and the combination of coconut

and coffee gives this product a delicious tropical scent.


Photo Credit: Vita Clean HQ


Key Ingredient: Organic Coffee


You may be more familiar with salt or sugar as natural exfoliants,

but coffee also leaves the skin feeling silky smooth.


Coffee is packed with antioxidants which protect the skin from damage.


It offers natural anti-inflammatory qualities

and encourages blood circulation, which helps remove excess toxins and leaves the skin energised.


Photo Credit: Jessica Lewis


A golden, shimmery scrub that is exfoliating, detoxifying, and packed with antioxidants –

how can this not be one of my favourite summer beauty products?!


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