I previously worked, in London, for one of the most iconic luxury beauty brands, and in this time I came to see that the focus

of this industry lies in enhancing outward beauty, with little or no nurturing of a woman’s inner beauty.

At the heart of Lola Kooi lies a belief in the unique beauty and potential of all women, and a commitment to bringing a

message of value and worth to each and every individual, particularly to our sisters in vulnerable circumstances. Lola

Kooi is intentional about doing something beautiful and supporting women in need.



Last summer, I had the opportunity to travel to India and spend time in a home for orphaned girls, where one child in

particular had a profound impact on me. As a six-month-old baby, Anita was discovered alone and starving on the streets. Yet

when I came to meet her, some six years later, she glowed with beauty and happiness, and in an instant,

this little girl redefined beauty for me!

So many women around the world do not have the opportunity to invest in beauty products, and like Anita, many of them

do not have access to hygiene products, sanitation facilities and clean water. In partnership with Compassion UK, Lola Kooi is

helping to meet some of these needs in various locations around the world. Compassion’s RESPOND Fund is used to

build wells and toilets, and to provide hygiene products and water filters to those in desperate need. This transforms entire

communities and opens up incredible opportunities for little girls like Anita.


Anita was desperately vulnerable, but her future has been altered by the generosity and compassion of others. It is my hope

that Lola Kooi can play a part in encouraging women to discover their true value, to inspire them and to be a girl’s home within

the beauty industry.


Martha Kimnell, Founder Lola Kooi


To find out more visit Compassion UK’s website.

Worms in the Water
Photo Credit: Compassion International