The focus of the beauty industry lies in enhancing outward beauty, with little or no nurturing

of a woman’s inner beauty, but there is so much more to beauty than our outward appearance!

Join the community @LolaKooi to encourage others and build friendships as you pursue faith-based beauty.

As the founder of Lola Kooi, I have always

loved the artistic elements of skincare formulation.

The blending of scents and colours, the discovery of

textures, and the innovation of aesthetically

exquisite products, is a reminder to me of the

beauty and diversity of creation.

My heart’s desire is that Lola Kooi helps you

as a woman to protect and nourish your skin,

to celebrate your uniqueness, and to

think of beauty holistically.

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Make a difference in the lives of vulnerable women with every purchase.

So many women around the world do not have access to hygiene products, sanitation facilities and clean water. 

With every purchase Lola Kooi is helping to meet some of these needs in various locations around the world.

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Photo: Compassion International